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Q. Why use carbide instead of high speed steel saws?

A. Carbide will last 5 - 10 times longer (or more) than High Speed Steel saws. This reduces the amount of down time to change tooling. With less tooling changes there are fewer quality control problems.

Q. How do I know what saw to use?

A. Every job is different. Every machine is different. We need to know what you are going to cut and what machine you are going to use. With that information we can select a diameter, thickness, number of teeth, special geometry requirements as well as coatings to make the saw blade perform as required.

Saw blades have 3 basic geometries:

1. Standard geometry: Works well on most material. The tooth form has an "A" type tooth design that has a rake angle of 4 degrees and a primary relief angle of 10 degrees. This allows for good chip formation and flow.

2. Tough geometry: Works well on tougher materials. ie.. 4140, 8620, 52100. The rake angle is held at 4 degrees and the primary relief is 15 drgrees. The key difference is the back of the tooth is rounded to provide more strength at the tip of the tooth. This helps to avoid chipping and breaking of the tooth.

3. Aggressive geometry: Works well in softer materials. ie aluminum and copper. The rake angle is 10 degrees and the primary relief is 15 degrees. The depth of the tooth is shallower than our other geometry. The saw will traditional have fewer teeth creating a wider radius at the bottom of the tooth. This reduces the packing of chips in the bottom of the tooth that leads to failure. It also allows for maximum feed rates in the softer materials.

Q. Are all carbide saws the same?

A. All carbide saws are not the same. There are many manufacturers out there making carbide saws. They all have to purchase raw material to make the carbide saws. Who they purchase from will make a difference in quality.

Companies trying to cut corners may use lesser quality materials that may affect performance.

Our raw materials are supplied by an ISO 9000 CERTIFIED company. We can track our product to the companies that supplied the individual components to the carbide. Our supplier has the highest requirements when it comes to the quality of the raw materials.

Another difference is the equipment used to grind the teeth in a carbide saw. There are several machines out there that are used to grind carbide saws. Having the right equipment and personnel to grind them properly is critical to the end quality of the saw.

We are proud of the maintenance and cleanliness of our equipment and shop. This helps us limit down-time and therefore maintain our ability to supply you saws when you need them.

When you combine that with our technical expertise of how to make and use a carbide saw we feel strongly that American Saw And Products Inc provides the best value in the carbide saw industry.